Sophia Elder 

Junior Dance

2018 US Figure Skating Championships -11th Place  

2017 Junior Grand Prix- Croatia Cup -12th Place

2017 Chicago Open -2 Place 

2017 Cannon Texas Open -4th Place  

2017 Lake Placid Dance - 

2017 Chesapeake Open -5th Place


Novice Dance 

2017 Bavarian Open ( Germany) 2 Place 

2017  US Figure Skating Championships  (3 Place)  

2017  Midwestern Sectional Championships  (1 Place)
2017  U.S. Challenge Skate  Salt Lake Figure Skating (1 Place)

2016   Midwestern Sectional Championships     (1 Place) 
2016 U.S. Figure Skating Championships  (3 Place)

Intermediate Dance 

2015   Midwestern Sectional Championships   Skating Council of Illinois  (1 Place) 
2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championships (1 Place)  

2014 Midwestern Sectional Championships  Lansing SC Certificate (1 Place)
2014  U.S. Figure Skating Championships  (5 Place)

Juvenile Dance 

2013  Midwestern Sectional Championships   Greater Cleveland Council Of FSCs (1Place) 
2013  U.S. Figure Skating Championships (5 Place) 

2012  U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships (9 Place)
2012 Midwestern Sectional Championships   Fort Collins FSC (3 Place) 

Christopher Elder 

05/09/2015 Gold Dance Test Passed Oxford SC

05/10/2014 Senior Moves In The Field Passed Oxford SC

03/18/2016 Gold Dance Test Passed Louisville Skating Academy

11/07/2014 Senior Moves In The Field Passed Louisville Skating Academy

"Life is not race but a journey to be savored each step of the way" 


Sophia and Christopher Elder